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If you intend to sell your junk car as quick as possible, you would have to ensure that you prepare the vehicle in the right way to hit the market smoothly. This would include factors such as evaluation of the condition of your car, including its mechanical state, body condition, and mileage (for cars that are still in working condition). You may also want to research the current market value of similar models and brand category of cars in your area to set a reasonable asking price. Here are some good tips to get you started with the selling process:

1. Assess the Condition and Value

Evaluate the overall condition of your junk car, including its mechanical state, body condition, and mileage. Research the current market value of similar junk cars in your area to set a reasonable asking price. Note, if the car is not in running state, most junk yards would consider buying it mostly for the purpose of the car’s scrap metals, which are useful for recycling purposes.

selling a non-running car guide

2. Gather Documentation

Collect all relevant paperwork, including the car’s title, registration, maintenance records, and any other relevant documents. Some junk yards are very strict when it comes to buying cars from private individuals. The reason for such such kind of strict policies is to ensure that they are allowing stolen vehicles into their yards. Therefore, adhering to the buyer theft policies would make the selling process smooth for both the seller and buyer. Most of the major junk car buyers usually state their theft policies on their websites.

3. Remove Personal Belongings

If the vehicle was in a drivable condition prior to junking or scrapping it, you might want to consider cleaning out the car and removing any personal belongings. For example, check hidden compartments, the trunk, and under the seats for any left over valuables. As occasionally, some persons had mistakenly forgotten to remove vital items from their car when selling it to a junkyards.

4. Decide on the Selling Method

Determine the bestselling method based on your preferences and the condition of your car. For example, selling options may include selling directly to a private buyer, contacting junk car buyers, or utilizing online platforms. Pending on preference, some sellers may prefer meeting with local junk yards face-to-face to sell their cars. While others may prefer to use the internet and request the junk yard to come remove the vehicle.

selling car with mechanical issues

5. Advertise Your Junk Car

When you want to sell your junk car, make sure to take clear and detailed photos of your car from different angles to include in your advertisements. A good photo would notify buyer about the condition of the car. Especially if there are still some valuable interior components in the vehicle that the buyer could benefit from, or if the car is solely useful for scrap metal recycling purpose. For example, if the car still has some good components, when advertising your car write a compelling description highlighting essential details such as the make, model, year, condition, and any notable features that are still in good working condition or issues.

6. Reach Out to Potential Buyers

The internet has made car selling and buying very convenient. So, you can utilize online platforms, classified ads, and social media to reach potential buyers. You can also research on the nearest scrap and junk yards around your location using Google maps. And contact them to find out what kinds of junk cars they accept. Or how much they normally offer for similar junk cars like yours. Ensure to also respond promptly to inquiries. Because providing accurate information and answering questions would build trust and give buyers the impression that your Ad is genuine and that you actually have a junk car for sale.

7. Obtain Multiple Quotes

When selling your junk car, you may want to consider obtaining multiple quotes from buyers, so as to make the right judgement and get the best offers. For example, you could contact different junk car buyers or salvage yards to obtain quotes. Then Compare the offers received, while taking into account not only the price but also any additional services provided. For instance, some of the scrap yards would offer services such as free removal and towing of your car to their yard. This could save you some stress, time and money to personally move the vehicle to the junk or scrap yard yourself.

selling a car with body damage

8. Verify Legitimacy of Buyers

Before finalizing a deal, research and verify the legitimacy of the buyers you are considering. For example, on the internet, there are sometimes reports of irregular or scam activities online. Which indicates that some buyers or sellers may not be genuine. Therefore, when selling your junk car make sure you deal with only reliable buyers. Choosing a local buyer should be a safer option when selling. Also, you may want to read reviews, check their reputation with local business bureaus, and ask for references if needed. As earlier mentioned, if you are selling to a an established local junk or scrap yard, the process would seem quite easier than dealing with private buyers.

9. Negotiate the Price

When selling your junk car, you could use the offers received as leverage to negotiate for a better price. Be open to counteroffers and find a mutually agreeable price. Note; Being honest about the condition of your car would not only build trust, but as well provide a common ground between you and the buyer to reach better agreeable price. You should be considerate with the buyer as well by ensuring that you are meeting up with the market value of your car.

10. Complete the Transaction

Once you agree on a price, arrange the necessary paperwork and transfer of ownership to the buyer. If the vehicle was still in a good working condition, you may have to sign the title over to the buyer and provide any additional documentation required. Remember to also cancel your insurance and notify the appropriate authorities of the change in ownership, especially if the car was still in a running condition prior to the sale.

best way to sell a junk car

11. Arrange for Vehicle Removal

If the car is not in running condition, coordinate with the buyer to arrange for towing or pick-up. For example, if you are transacting with a scrap yard or junk yards, they might also provide free vehicle towing or removal services. So, you may want to find out about such services from the buyer prior to reaching an agreement on the sale. Also, ensure that all personal belongings have been removed before handing over the car to the buyer.

12. Receive Payment

Confirm the agreed-upon payment method and ensure it is secure and convenient for both parties. For the sake of convenience, some of the junk car buyers provide instant cash offers to sellers to make the process easy. However, you might want to inquire about cash offers during the selling process. Once this done and an agreement has been reached between you the seller and the buyer, you can then complete the transaction and receive payment as agreed upon price.


Finally, in addition to the guidelines mentioned above, remember to comply with local regulations and legal requirements throughout the selling process. It’s essential to protect your personal information and be cautious when dealing with potential buyers. By following these steps, you can successfully sell your junk car and make the most of its value.


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