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FAQs about Selling Junk Cars

What is Alpha Junk Car?

Alpha Junk Cars is a junk car removal and junk car buying company based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Alpha currently serves the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. We specialize in the buying of vehicles that are obsolete, damaged, or no longer needed. We offer cash for junk cars, giving people a convenient way to dispose of their unserviceable vehicles.

How does the process work?

The junk car selling process is quite straightforward. For example, when you provide us with details about your junk car such as Make, model, year, and condition, we will provide you with a budget based on the information you provide us with. Once you accept our offer, an appointment will be made for your junk car to be picked up or towed away.

Do you buy cars in any condition ?

Yes, we buy cars in a variety of conditions including stalled, damaged, totaled and even vehicles with missing parts.

Is there a fee for towing?

No, we do not charge a fee for towing or vehicle removal. Our customers do love our free towing service.

You don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

How do you determine the value of my junk car?

The value of your junk car is generally based on factors such as age, make, model, condition and the current market value of salvageable junk and parts.

Do I need the title to sell my junk car ?

Although having the title makes the process easier. However, we may be able to work with you to buy your car, if you can provide any kind of documented proof of vehicle ownership.

How quickly can I get paid for my junk car?

At Alpha, we strive to make the selling process easy. So, you can get paid on the same day your junk car is picked up. The payment is made in cash or a payment method of your choice.

What happens to my junk car after I sell it?

After we purchase your junk car, we can recycle usable parts, materials and dispose of hazardous materials in a proper and environmentally responsible manner.

Do I need to remove my personal belongings from the car?

Yes, it is important to remove all personal items from the car before picking it up or towing it.

Can I sell a junk car without wheels?

Yes, we do buy vehicles without wheels, and have the necessary equipment to tow such cars safely.

Is selling my junk car environmentally friendly?

Yes, selling your junk car to a trusted service provider like Alpha helps reduce environmental impact. These services prioritize the recycling and proper disposal of hazardous materials.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply fill out our submission form and provide your junk car details. We will provide you with a quote, arrange a pick-up date and take care of the rest of the process.

If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help you navigate the process of selling your junk car quickly and easily.